How To Test a Honda Odyssey MAF Sensor

How To Test a Honda Odyssey MAF Sensor


When your Odyssey MAF Sensor is having a problem, your 3.5 liter VTEC engine will begin to run poorly. When you start your engine, the computer on board your Honda needs specific information to deliver the right amount of fuel and spark timing. Without this information your engine will run poorly or not at all.

The purpose of your mass air flow sensor is to read and analyze the air that’s rushing into your engine. When you depress your gas pedal, your throttle body opens rushing air into your 3.5 liter. This air passes over a hot wire element that measures the air and transmits this information to the Honda ECU.

Honda Odyssey MAF Sensor

Over time the hot air element of the Odyssey MAF Sensor may go bad. The Honda Odyssey is an extremely versatile minivan that’s been extremely popular for several generations. If you have a check engine code in your Honda Odyssey and need to test your MAF sensor, this is the How To Guide for you.

Today I’ll be showing you how to test your Odyssey MAF Sensor in a 2007 Honda van. This van is equipped with the 3.5 liter V6 VTEC engine. After completing this guide you will know how to test the MAF sensor as well as your Honda Odyssey IAT sensor.

How to test your Honda Odyssey MAF for Power

To begin testing your mass air flow sensor in your 3.5 liter Honda Odyssey, you will an automotive multimeter. Not sure what one is or how to use one? Check out our guide here first. The first wire you will be testing on your minivan is the power wire, which should return a 12 volt DC power signal.


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Now unplug the MAF sensor and you’ll see the five pin connector. You will now see the engine harness that you will be testing. Using your multimeter you will be testing for power at this connector. Make sure that you never force or push the lead of your probe into the front of the connector.

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To test for the power signal in your MAF sensor, you will be testing PIN E on the engine harness side. Reference the pin by looking at the Honda Odyssey MAF Sensor connector wiring diagram below.

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If you are looking at the front of your Odyssey MAF Sensor wiring connector, this pin is the left most pin. Gently probe the front of this pin using your multimeter, and you should see 12 volts of DC power there.

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If you have 12 volts of power here at this terminal, great your Odyssey MAF sensor has power. Now there are two ground wires that you must check to ensure that the sensor is being grounded properly. One of these grounds is for your MAF sensor, and the other is for your IAT sensor.

The first pin to test is PIN A which is the right most pin on your MAF connector if you are facing the front of it. Once you have determined you have ground here, check PIN D which is the second from the left when facing front.

If you have power and ground the next order of business is to test the IAT for power.

How to Test your Honda Odyssey IAT Sensor for Power

The Intake Air Temperature sensor is powered by a 5 volt signal to your MAF sensor. The wire is PIN B, so test this pin first to make sure that there’s 5 volts of power there. Once you have confirmed this you now know that you have power and ground at both the Odyssey MAF and IAT.

If you have a check engine trouble code, get a replacement MAF sensor and install it to fix your Honda.

You now know how to test your Odyssey MAF Sensor. Have any questions about this guide? Leave them for us below and let us know!