How To Test a Ford Mustang IAT Sensor

How To Test a Ford Mustang IAT Sensor


Otherwise known as the Intake Air Temperature sensor, your Ford Mustang IAT Sensor is located in your intake piping. This unit is a two pin sensor that’s mounted inline to measure the temperature of the incoming air charge to your engine. The Mustang IAT sensor is a resistor that varies voltage depending on the temperature of the air.

This information is then relayed to your Ford Powertrain Control Module or PCM. Your engine computer uses this info to properly maintain and operate the your 3.8 liter fuel and spark events.

Ford Mustang intake temperature sensor

Today I will be showing you how to test the Mustang IAT Sensor in a 1996 Ford Mustang with the 3.8 liter V6 in it.

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Testing your Ford Mustang IAT Sensor

This How To DIY article requires that you use an automotive multimeter to measure the resistance of your IAT sensor. To do this you will need to turn the ignition to the “ON” position in your V6 Ford Mustang. Do not start the engine but leave the key at this position to power the engine sensors.

Next locate your Ford Mustang IAT sensor, which should be mounted to the intake tract. Our test vehicle has an aftermarket intake installed, and the IAT sensor is inserted into a rubber grommet on the left side of the piping.

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Check your Mustang IAT Sensor for Power

Take your multimeter and put it into DC Volts mode. Put the black lead to your battery ground and disconnect the sensor connector. Gently probe PIN B for voltage. There should be roughly 5 volts of power at this wire.

If you’ve got power here, now it’s time to test the intake air temperature sensor itself. Not sure what a multimeter is? Check here for a guide.

Now that you have your Mustang IAT sensor disconnected it’s time to measure the resistance range. These intake sensors produce a high resistance value between 27.3 K Ω to 2.0 K-ohms. Put your multimeter into resistance testing mode and put the leads to both pins of your intake air temperature sensor.

At room temperature your sensor should return a resistance value of 27.3 K Ω. If your sensor isn’t in this range it’s time to replace your Mustang IAT sensor. When your Ford intake sensor goes bad, you may see a check engine light on your Ford dash. This OBDII trouble code can range from P0112, P0113 or P0114.