How To Test a Infiniti EX35 IVT Solenoid

How To Test a Infiniti EX35 IVT Solenoid


The intake variable timing mechanism in your 3.5 liter Infiniti EX35 is controlled by the EX35 IVT Solenoid. These solenoids are also found in other VQ35 powered Nissan or Infiniti vehicles. If you own an Infiniti G35 or Nissan 350Z you can check the VTC solenoid with our How To Guide here.

When your EX35 IVT Solenoid or VTC solenoid starts to go south, it will typically throw a check engine light. These OBDII trouble codes are P0075 or P0081, for either side of your 3.5 liter V6 VQ35 engine.

What causes my EX35 IVT Solenoid trouble code?

When the wrong voltage is sent to your Infiniti Powertrain Control Module from the EX35 IVT Solenoid, your MIL status will light on your dashboard. This voltage is dictated through intake valve timing control solenoid, and today I’ll be showing you how to measure this signal using an automotive multimeter.

Infiniti EX35 IVT Solenoid

Much like our VTC solenoid guide, this can be caused from the part going bad. This can also be caused by contamination or a bad VTC solenoid gasket. This gasket should be replaced everytime to prevent the oil passages from clogging.

Symptoms of a failing EX35 IVT Solenoid

  • Poor vehicle performance
  • Bad fuel economy
  • Pre-ignition or engine pinging
  • P0075 Check Engine Trouble Code – Intake valve timing control solenoid valve (bank 1) circuit failure
  • P0081 Check Engine Trouble Code – Intake valve timing control solenoid valve (bank 2) circuit failure

How To Test a Infiniti EX35 IVT Solenoid

Today I will be showing you how to troubleshoot the VTC solenoid, or the Infiniti EX35 IVT Solenoid in a 2008 3.5 liter powered EX35. As always if you are not sure what a multimeter is or how to use one, check out our guide here.

To test your EX35 IVT solenoid, you will need to remove the plastic engine cover. This is common for Infiniti 3.5 liter engines, and will require you to remove the 10mm nuts that hold the engine cover in place.

How To Test a Infiniti EX35 IVT Solenoid 2

Once the engine cover has been removed, you can find the IVT solenoids on either side of your engine. Depending on your check engine code, you will be working on Bank 1 or Bank 0.

Testing your EX35 IVT solenoid for Power

Unplug the two pin IVT solenoid and you will be measuring for power at PIN B. Before doing this make sure to turn your ignition to the “ON” position. Remember that you are working on the engine harness side. Never force the red probe of your multimeter into the plastic engine connector or housing.

How To Test a Infiniti EX35 IVT Solenoid 3

If you have power at this solenoid, we will be moving on to test the internal resistance of this part. Take both probes of your multimeter and check for the resistance range of both pins at the IVT solenoid. Don’t forget you are measuring at the actual intake variable timing solenoid itself, not the engine harness.

The resistance range you are looking for is 7.0 – 7.7 Ω and this test should be performed when your engine is cold. If the solenoid returns an open or resistance range outside this range, it’s a clear sign that your VTC solenoid has gone bad.

How To Test a Infiniti EX35 IVT Solenoid 5

Replace the solenoid and make sure that your replacement unit comes with a gasket as well. Once you’ve removed and replaced the solenoid, you can use a OBDII scan tool to clear your check engine code.

You now know how to test your Infiniti EX35 IVT Solenoid. Have any questions about this guide? Leave them for us below and let us know!