Ten Best Car Movies

Ten Best Car Movies


Discovering a truly great car movie can be something like striking gold, a feat accomplished perhaps once or twice every few years. Depending on what kind of movie you enjoy or car movie trope you particularly relish, the best car movies can definitely vary if you ask the average car guy to make a list.

Let’s face it car guys are illogical and not known to be the most open-minded, so can you blame enthusiasts when they tend to gravitate towards cars in movies that they like? Domestic fans and muscle car lovers will have a significantly different car movie list than VIP fans or European car lovers.

For sport compact lovers and import car modders, one of the most recognized movies on our list will be the Fast and Furious franchise. This movie series has been in the news quite a bit recently, from the death of movie star Paul Walker, to the sale of the Fast and Furious Supra as well as the crushing of the Big Bird R33 Skyline.

With news of Fast and Furious 8 being released recently, along with the wild success of Furious 7we are taking a look back the the Ten Best car movies of all time. As with all of our lists, there is no definitive winner or loser of our ranked compilations so there’s bound to be some entries here you don’t agree with.

No matter what part of car movies you love the most, chase scenes or awesome stunts and everything in between, chances are you’ll find a car movie you love on our Ten Best Car Movies countdown.

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Ten Best Car Racing Movies

The act of pitting your car against another in a test of reaction, speed and skill is nothing new to the national subconscious. Car racing and motorsports has elements of competition and victory that engages with many movie goers, which explains the success of many of the entries on the Ten Best Car Racing movies list.

Comedy, action or any variation of car racing subgenre, this list of car racing movies is ranked in a way that might not agree with you. As personal preference plays a big part in any list, there's a lot of debate for any of the movies on the Ten Best car racing list.


Drive (2011)

Apr 28, 2015
Drive (2011)

Starring Ryan Gosling as a cold blooded Hollywood stunt driver, Drive sporadically uses some gripping set pieces of car racing and stunts which make for exciting chase scenes.

Playing Carey Mulligan a ex-felon getaway driver, Gosling flexes his range and provides a great backdrop to the few car chase scenes. This is one car racing movie that works well with less action than more.

As with all of our Ten Best lists, they are ranked by My Pro Street members and we’d love to hear from you about how you feel. Have any best car movies you think we missed? Or disagree with something on our car racing movie list already? Comment below and let us know!


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