How To Change your Honda Odyssey Tail Light Bulb

How To Change your Honda Odyssey Tail Light Bulb


When your Honda Odyssey tail light is out or not working properly, you could be facing a fix it ticket or infraction. Because this is the primary brake light for your Honda Odyssey, it can create a dangerous situation for anyone driving behind you. With your brake light out, the person behind you may hit you if they are not paying attention.

Even though the Honda Odyssey is equipped with a third brake light above your liftgate, having your rear tail light bulbs out causes a dangerous driving condition.

In order to avoid this situation, use this DIY guide to learn how to change your Honda Odyssey tail light. The bulb internal to the taillight assembly is a 7443 bulb type and can be replaced by any common shadetree mechanic in order 10 minutes of time.

The van we are showing you today is a 2000 Honda Odyssey and we’ll be showing you how to replace the bulb as well as remove your tail light assembly. This guide also applies if you are installing an aftermarket taillamp assembly or even repairing or painting your tail lights.

Before beginning our guide, make sure to disconnect the battery just to be sure you won’t short anything. Open your truck or rear hatch area to expose the tail light assembly.


There’s two tabs located on the inner plastic housing of your tail lamp assembly. Pull these tabs to expose the screws underneath.


Insert a flat head screwdriver and pull towards the center of the van to open the tabs.


Unscrew the two bolts with a small Phillips screwdriver to unmount the rear tail lamp assembly. Once you have both screws removed, you can pull away on the taillamp to remove entirely.


Here’s the backside of your Honda Odyssey tail light assembly, now you can see and access the tail light bulb. Grab the plastic housing and turn counterclockwise to free the tail light bulb from the housing.


Remove the blown bulb and discard it. Make sure to use gloves or a napkin to grab your new bulb and push firmly into the tail light socket. Because this is a 7443 bulb type, you will need to seat the bulb completely if you want the brake lights to work correctly.

And that’s it you are all done! Have any questions about this guide or maybe even a question about the bulb sizes on your car? Leave us a message below and let us know and we’ll be glad to help.