Watch This GTR Catch Air in this Epic Drag Racing Fail

Watch This GTR Catch Air in this Epic Drag Racing Fail


One of the biggest misconceptions about drag racing AWD is that it’s completely foolproof. Everyone’s seen many a 2G GSX, Mitsubishi Evolution or Subaru STI end up crashing at high speeds, but what about a Nissan GT-R just barely down the track? Watch this GTR catch air in this video, where the obviously modified GTR can’t hook up, pitching the car sideways.

The driver doesn’t lift or let out however, refusing to admit that Nissan’s all-wheel-drive supercar could correct itself. His miscalculation definitely looks to be costly, because the GTR slams into the sidewall and catches air briefly before dumping itself unceremoniously off track.

At first viewing you may, like us think that the driver somehow intentionally drove the car over the wall, because there’s just no reason to keep your foot down with the car pitched at such an angle.


There’s not much of an excuse for the driver here, because there’s plenty of track to let off and the GTR wasn’t going that fast. What should at least have been a smaller incident at the Edinburg track ended up launching a GTR over the retaining wall.

Thankfully it doesn’t appear as though the driver was injured seriously, outside of his ego which may never recover.