How To Change a Honda Accord Cabin Filter

How To Change a Honda Accord Cabin Filter


Nothing changes an older car quite like a new air cabin filter, helping the car smell nicer and making everything just a little better in your Honda Accord. Changing your cabin filter can eliminate odors and neutralize pollen and give your car that fresh car smell.

Even if you bought a used Honda Accord, or it’s part of your scheduled maintenance, knowing how to change a Honda Accord cabin filter can save you some money. Today I’ll be showing you how to change a Honda Accord cabin filter in a 1999 Honda Accord EX which happens to be a sedan. This DIY guide will help you learn how to change this air cabin filter, which is part number 80291-S84-A01.

This procedure is pretty much the same for any 1998-2002 Honda Accord. The air cabin filter for the Honda Accord comes in multiple trays that stack on top of each other behind your glovebox.


Before you begin our how to change a Honda Accord cabin filter DIY article, it’s always a good idea to be as safe as possible. Although this job is easy and can be performed by the average shadtree mechanic, you will be removing panels and exposing fuses, which could pose a possible hazard. Disconnect the negative terminal on your battery before starting, if you’d like a guideline of safety rules check here.

Open your Honda Accord passenger side door, and slide the seat as far back as possible. This will give you enough space to operate as you access the blower motor and the air cabin filter panel.


Take off your fuse box panel on the passenger side dash as shown above.


Undo the two screws that hold this lower panel to your dash. The front screw is shown above.


The rear screw is shown here that you must remove, set these two screws to the side. The next part to our how to change a Honda Accord cabin filter DIY article is removing this lower panel. You will need to pull this panel towards the outside of the car to clear the lower panel first.


Pull here at this tab to release the bolt hole from the guides on the lower Honda Accord dash.


Make sure to clear the front tabs before pulling on the rear tabs, as shown below.


Now with this panel pulled out, pull it down and away to expose the air cabin filter panel and blower motor.


Remove the screws located on the back of the metal panel on the bottom of dash as shown below. There are several screws that hold the bottom of your glovebox in place, these must be undone for your glovebox to slide out.


Now open your Honda Accord glovebox and empty it of it’s contents. There are four screws here you will need to remove. Two under the glovebox latch, and two on either side of the glovebox, covered by these plastic tabs.

Slide these plastic tabs out to expose the screw underneath.


Remove these screws as well as the screws under the glovebox latch itself.


Now that these screws have been removed, your glovebox should be able to slide up and out of your dash. If there’s still some resistance when you pull on your Honda Accord glovebox, stop. Do not force or yank on the glovebox to remove. Check all the screws on the bottom side of your dash to ensure you’ve removed all of them.


With your Honda Accord glovebox removed, you should now be able to see your blower motor and climate control center of your Honda Accord. Now look into this area, and then straight down to the floor to see the metal bracket that’s directly in front of your air cabin filter opening.


Just like you did with our How To Change a Honda Odyssey Cabin Filter DIY article, pull on this metal bracket to bend slightly. Don’t overdo it.


The next part of our how to change a Honda Accord cabin filter DIY guide involves you removing the bottom bolts to the metal bracket, as shown below.


Undo these 10mm bolts, and then loosen but do not remove the ones on the driver side of the Accord dash.


With these bolts loosened on the driver side, and completely removed from the passenger side, gently pull to bend back on the metal bracket. This is needed to clear the air filters, which you will be removing shortly.


Reach underneath of your blower motor and undo the panel that covers your Honda Accord cabin air filter.


These segmented air cabin filters may be a tad tricky to remove, but with some careful maneuvering you should be able to free the top air cabin filter from the Honda Accord blower motor.


Once you’re at this point, you know how to change a Honda Accord cabin filter. Pull out the top filter first, and then slide the bottom filter up and out of your blower motor assembly.


Clear all debris, leaves, small birds and dead animals from the slot in your blower motor. Install your new air cabin filters, and simply reverse our how to change a Honda Accord cabin filter process to finish up the install.

You’ve now changed the cabin filter in your Honda Accord, congratulations. Have any questions about this DIY guide or article? Leave them for us below!