How To Service Ignition on a Jeep Grand Cherokee

How To Service Ignition on a Jeep Grand Cherokee


Whether from misfire or poor ignition spark, there can be many reasons you would want to learn how to service ignition on a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Today we’ll be covering how to service each part of your Jeep Grand Cherokee ignition system in a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a 4.0 liter six cylinder engine. The job of servicing your Jeep’s ignition system is simple and very straightforward, and can be completed by any shadetree mechanic within a few hours.

As part of our How To Service Ignition on a Jeep Grand Cherokee guide, we’ll be showing you how to replace the ignition coil and distributor cap and rotor, along with the spark plugs. We’ll begin with the ignition coil itself, this ignition coil carries a Chrysler part number of 4762311. There’s quite a bit of variation for this ignition coil, so be careful.

How To Replace your Ignition Coil



Our Jeep Grand Cherokee carries a VIN number of 6, make sure to check your VIN for the right replacement part. The differences in the ignition coils can vary, from different shaped connectors to different mounting points.



Couple that with the fact that this Chrysler part number shares multiple cars in application, from Chrysler Cirrus, Daytona, Dynasty, Lebaron and Sebring just to name a few.


Locate your old ignition coil, which is mounted to the engine block by a bracket and 10mm nuts. Remove these nuts and slide off your ignition coil connector, this will vary depending on your VIN number and application. The next step to learning how to service ignition on a Jeep Grand Cherokee is to disconnect the lead ignition wire from your coil heading into your distributor.


Swap both the lead ignition wire to your new ignition coil, as well as your electrical connector. You are now ready to mount your new Jeep ignition coil and make sure to tighten to factory specification.

Once you have the new ignition coil in place, it’s time to move onto your distributor cap and rotor. Your distributor has your spark plug wires connected to the top of the distributor cap. Do not disconnect these quite yet, but instead undo the metal clips that hold the top of your distributor cap in place.


You are going to be orientating your old ignition cap with your new unit by noting the circle stamped on the top of the cap. Transfer all the ignition spark plug wires to your new distributor cap one at a time, as to not mess up or mistake the firing order of your 4.0 liter six cylinder.


Transfer over all of the spark plug wires to your new distributor cap, which carries a Jeep part number of 33004024. This cap can be extremely difficult to get right, because of so many different versions and applications. This cap can also be found under the Jeep part number of 52026876, 3004024 or 8933004024 and is also found in the Chrysler catalog as 33004024.

Now that you have your spark plug wires transferred over, it’s a good time to replace your ignition rotor inside your distributor. With the cap removed, go ahead and undo the retaining bolt for your rotor.


Slide the new rotor in place and tighten with your ignition rotor set screw. You are almost done with our How To Service Ignition on a Jeep Grand Cherokee DIY Guide, and the next step is to replace your spark plugs with the plugs of your choice.


When removing your spark plugs, it’s always a good idea to inspect them to see how your engine has been running. Our example Jeep seems to be running a tad lean, as evidenced by our old plugs.

Replace all of your spark plugs with the plugs of your choice, and then remount your distributor cap and snap the metal clips back in place. Now that you have your ignition system back together in your Jeep Grand Cherokee, you can begin replacing your spark plug wires one at a time.


Try to locate a kit that also includes the lead wire to your ignition coil, and this is the shortest wire in the set. Replace each one of your wires to the spark plug in the engine one at a time as to not mix up the firing order.

Once you have completed this last step, you have completely serviced your Jeep Grand Cherokee ignition system and hopefully resolved whatever misfire or spark issue you were having.

That does it for our How To Service Ignition on a Jeep Grand Cherokee DIY article, if you have any questions or comments please leave them for us below!