How To Change Your G35 AC Compressor

How To Change Your G35 AC Compressor


Creature comforts like air conditioning can often take a backseat when it’s time for your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance. Many times owners don’t even think about their air conditioning, or air conditioning compressor until their AC doesn’t work.

Today we’ll be showing you how to replace a AC compressor in a 2007 Infiniti G35. This DIY article is not for everyone, and you should only be replacing your AC compressor when your air conditioning lines are empty. Always have a certified mechanic properly drain your refrigerant using the correct machinery.

Reasons for learning how to change your G35 AC Compressor can vary, whether your air conditioning isn’t blowing as cold as it used to be, or smells a tad funny coming out of your vents. You can also notice air compressor or compressor clutch failure when your compressor unit makes noise or excessive vibration.

Sometimes when a G35 air conditioning compressor begins to fail, you can hear a clicking noise from the compressor. When this happens it can often lead to defroster issues or condensed water or moisture on your passenger floor.

Never tamper or touch your air conditioning system while filled. Your air conditioning lines contain pressurized refrigerant, that could injure you or blind you if improperly handled. Thus our How To Change your G35 AC Compressor guide should only be used when replacing worn or bad compressors and your lines are empty.


If you are having problems with your air conditioning and want to know how to test your air conditioning, you can check our DIY guide here.

As always, if you are not comfortable working on your own vehicle or working on your air compressor, stop and take your car to an experienced mechanic. Never attempt to work on air conditioning lines or pressurized lines yourself.


Before beginning our How To Change Your G35 AC Compressor guide, you will want to check the operation of two pins on your VQ35 ECU. One is obviously the trigger wire for your air conditioning relay, PIN 33 on your VQ35DE ECU.


The next wire you’ll want to check is your fan PWM wire, and this wire is PIN 53 on your VQ ECU. Disconnect both to measure and test, and check here for our guide on how to do this.

Now that you know it’s your air compressor that needs replacing, you will need to disconnect the negative terminal on your battery before beginning. Next open your hood and disconnect the ambient temperature sensor located near your car’s horn and should be disconnected before you begin our How To Change Your G35 AC Compressor guide.

The next sensor you’ll be unplugging is the Infiniti refrigerant pressure sensor, another two pin connector to your wiring harness.

There are two connectors on your G35 air conditioning harness that you’ll need to disconnect.


As well as this air conditioning connector that must be unplugged and removed.


There’s four 14mm bolts of varying lengths that secure the air conditioning compressor to the engine bracket. Once you have these air conditioning electrical connectors unplugged, you can unbolt or remove these 14mm bolts. Remember that your air conditioning lines should already be disconnected and removed.


Now with the old air conditioning air compressor removed, you can set this to the side and go about mounting your replacement compressor.


You don’t need to loosen your air conditioning drive belt tensioner, simply unbolt your air compressor and pull off. You will need to loosen this pulley to reinstall and mount your new air conditioning compressor. Once you have the 14mm bolts secured, go ahead and reconnect the electrical connectors and set your drive belt tension.

Now you have learned how to Change Your G35 AC Compressor, you should take your Infiniti to the nearest air conditioning service station and have your refrigerant filled and air conditioning tested. The part number for this replacement compressor is 92600-AC-000. If you have any questions or comments regarding this How To, please leave them for us below.