How To Change Your G35 Headlights

How To Change Your G35 Headlights


Taking care of your headlights and making sure they are operating optimally should be a big part of your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance schedule. Needless to say your headlights, taillights and fog lights play a big part of night time driving, without them you can’t see where you are going. When you vehicle is moving at speed, you’ll also want to see obstacles and objects on the road ahead of you in time so that you can avoid them.

You’ve got a bunch of other lights in your vehicle as well, from the map light, glove box light and overhead lights. When one of these lights goes out or doesn’t work, replacing them or repairing them are very easy. Usually you’ll need to replace the bulb by taking off the face plate or light cover. If this fails, make sure to check your fuses in your fuse box to see if any of them have blown.

Most of your bulbs in your vehicle can be replaced this way when they don’t work anymore, other than the directional turn signals. If these lights do not work and you don’t hear the familiar clicking associated with turn signals, you may have a problem with your combination switch instead.

Today however, we’ll be showing you how to change your G35 headlights by removing them and replacing the bulbs inside. We’ll be showing you this process and DIY How To on a 2006 Infiniti G35. If you are looking for how to adjust your headlights, or even refinish or clean your headlights, check our guides instead of this How To.


Whether you are changing your headlight bulbs or replacing your headlights with aftermarket units, this guide will help you get it done.

When one of your Infiniti G35 headlight bulbs go out, you should test a few things to make sure that it’s your bulb that needs replacing. If one of your headlights does not work, try turning your high beams on. If your high beams work but your headlights do not, you will need a replacement bulb.

If your bulb does not turn on, regardless of high beam being on or not, check the six pin connector that leads into your headlight. Make sure to check the HID ballast located underneath your headlight to ensure it’s still properly plugged in. If this still does not solve your issue, you will need to know how to change your G35 headlights so that you can remove the headlight assembly.


The replacement bulb you’ll be installing carries a part number of D2S for a HID bulb. This part is needed in our last step, where we replace the HID bulb and reinstall the headlight assembly.


In order for you to replace your headlight bulb, you’ll have to remove the Infiniti G35 headlight assembly. To start this DIY How To article, open your hood and disconnect the negative terminal on your battery. If you are not sure how to access your G35 battery, check out our primer here.

To begin our How To Change Your G35 Headlights tutorial, you will need to undo the top half of your front bumper. You can elect to remove the front bumper entirely, but for this DIY How To Guide, we’ll be loosening just the top of the front bumper.


Begin by removing the plastic pop pins that secure the top of your Infiniti G35 front bumper. Undo each of these outer pins that hold the white outer tabs, and then work your way inward to the ones holding the grill in place.


Remove all the plastic pop pins on top of your front bumper bonnet. If you are completely removing the front bumper, secure the top while you undo all the 10mm bolts on the undertray of your front bumper. You will also need to remove the plastic splash guards and lower engine cover. These are all connected by 10mm bolts and plastic push pins.

At this point you should have the top of your front bumper free as well as the bottom free from any bolts. Now that you have completed this section of our How To Change Your G35 Headlights Guide, you’ll need to remove the 10mm bolts that hold your front bumper to the fender line.


Once you have these 10mm bolts removed, you must reach into your corner lens and turn your bulb and harness counterclockwise to remove. Do not bother unplugging this harness, simply grab the harness and bulb and turn to remove.

Now with the corner lenses unplugged, you should be able to lower your front bumper or remove it completely. Now that you have your front bumper removed, you can take off the top bolt to your G35 headlight. The passenger side is shown below.


Go ahead and loosen the driver side headlight assembly bolt as well.


Now with these bolts removed, go ahead and remove the corner fender bolt that holds the side of the headlight assembly in place. These are all 10mm bolts that must be taken out.


Once you have this fender bolt taken out, you can go ahead and remove the lower 10mm bolt that holds the headlight assembly in place.


Don’t forget to check all mounting points after you remove all the lower bolts. The passenger side is shown above, and the driver side above that.


Remove your headlight assembly one at a time and remove the plastic cover on the back of your headlights. Unplug the electrical connector to your headlights and you should now see a metal clip that holds your old HID bulb in place. Remove this metal clip and replace your headlight bulb with your new unit.

Do not touch the glass or surface of your new replacement headlight bulb, as this can adversely affect the life and operation of bulb. Oils from your skin can smudge the glass and create a hotspot that will cause premature bulb failure.

Make sure to aim your headlights if they seem out of alignment, and check your headlights for operation after you are done with the install. You now know how to change your G35 headlights! congratulations! If you have any questions or comments, leave them for us below!