How To Install a Acura Integra Fuel Pump

How To Install a Acura Integra Fuel Pump


One of the bigger steps in modifying your vehicle is the fuel delivery system and the upgrades that must be done in that area. Parts like aftermarket fuel pumps, fuel rails and fuel pressure regulators give you the added edge when it comes to squeezing some extra performance from your B series Acura Integra.

Today we’ll be showing you how to install a Acura Integra fuel pump in a 1995 DB7 Integra and installing a Walbro 255 High pressure fuel pump. This Integra is equipped with the 1.8 liter DOHC B18B non VTEC engine, running 10 psi of boost through a t3/t4 60-1 Turbonetics turbocharger.

The part number we’ll be installing today is a GSS342-400-846and it’s important to note that the GSS342 Walbro pump is using the 400-846 setup kit for the install in our Integra.


When installing this High Pressure 255lph fuel pump, you must remember that your base fuel pressure will be excessive if you are sticking with the stock OEM fuel pressure regulator. Install an aftermarket piggyback fuel pressure regulator, or replace the fuel pressure regulator all together to crank down the pressure at idle and prevent an excessively rich condition.

To begin our How To Install a Acura Integra Fuel Pump Guide, first open the gas tank and disconnect the negative terminal on your battery. Because you are working around fuel and fuel vapors, make sure to take proper care and make sure you are working with sufficient ventilation.

Now with that out of the way, you’ve got to get your back seat removed so that you can access the fuel pump cover. To remove the back seat, slide the front driver and passenger seat as far forward as possible. If you’ve got a 4 door Acura Integra, you will need to remove the side bolsters in the back seat before removing the back seat.


Pull up and out on the upper portion of the side bolster, which will release from the latch and let you pull out the back seat bolsters. Once you have these side bolsters removed, you can unbolt the back seat to give yourself some more operating room.


There are 2 14mm bolts that secure the backing of the rear seats to the frame. Remove the 14mm bolts shown here, and this should let you pull the backing out. Now look down to locate the 12mm bolt that holds the bottom of the rear seat in place. Undo this 12mm bolt and remove the rear seats to expose the fuel pump cover.


Remove the three screws that hold this plate in place, and you should be able to unplug your stock fuel pump assembly. After unplugging the electrical fuel pump harness in your Acura Integra, you can undo the fuel connections to the hard lines on the fuel pump assembly.


Once you have the 10mm nuts removed, you should be able to remove the entire fuel pump assembly as a whole. Remove the fuel pump from the fuel pump assembly by pushing outward and separating the pump from the assembly.

Now remove the hose clamps to release your fuel pump assembly. Slide off your fuel filter sock and make sure not to lose the retaining clip.

Take some time to setup your new replacement fuel pump, by installing the new fuel rated hose and clamps onto the pump unit.


You will be reinstalling the new aftermarket fuel pump to complete our how to install a Acura Integra Fuel Pump DIY article. Here’s a shot of the stock pump next to the aftermarket Walbro for comparison. You may have to trim the fuel hose in question to make it fit like the stock pump did, but make sure that the rubber grommet secures the new pump safely in the fuel pump assembly.


Now reinstall your Acura Integra fuel pump assembly, and you are ready to reseal the fuel tank by tightening all six 10mm nuts on the fuel pump hanger. Once you have these 10mm nuts tightened, you can now re-connect the fuel lines and fuel connectors. Congratulations you now know How To Install a Acura Integra Fuel Pump, have any questions or comments? Leave them for us below!


  1. Hi I’m installing a walbro and I followed your instructions but my car is not running right. It doesn’t want to idle and bucks when I give it gas

    • Hi Filetofish, thanks for commenting.

      First off, did you install a 255? and is it high pressure? Do you have a fuel pressure gauge hooked up to your rail yet? Give us a little more information and we can help you out. Thanks

      • Hi I just installed a new 255lph walbro in my integra and I’m not getting any pressure to the fuel rail. I check all the connectors and made sure that it was installed right. I have a fuel pressure gauge on my fuel rail and that’s how I know no fuel pressure in making it to the rail. I also have a aftermarket fuel pressure regulator and I did not reuse the stock sock

        • Hi Tony, thanks for reading and commenting.

          Couple of quick questions for you.

          1. When you turn the key to the ON position, can you hear your fuel pump prime?
          2. Did you remember to put back the rubber oring under the top of the fuel pump assembly? If you do not have a seal, the pump will not be able to deliver fuel.
          3. Can you also hear your main relay click over when you turn the key to the ON position?

          • Yes I can hear the feel pump make noise when I turn the key on. As far as the rubber seal I would have to check that again but that very well could be the problem.

            • If you can hear the pump prime, chances are you did the install right but don’t have a proper seal on your fuel tank. Try to reinstall your pump this time be careful to include that grommet and seal the tank tightly. Sounds like that’s your problem.