How To Install a Greddy Emanage in a Evolution 8

How To Install a Greddy Emanage in a Evolution 8


Piggyback computers are certainly a thing of the past but the Greddy Emanage gives you much more than the typical piggyback install. In fact, with the ability to add ignition and control boost it’s a lot like a standalone computer that costs much more than a simple Emanage unit will.

Of course the standard ability to adjust fuel trims is still not the traditional method by any definition of today’s standalones, instead much like the Super AFC the GReddy Emanage changes the voltage of the main engine reference. Like other fuel piggybacks like the AFC, the Emanage alters the ECU input for manifold absolute pressure or the input for a karman or hotwire mass air flow sensor.

Looking for more Evolution how tos?
Looking for more Evolution how tos?

You can opt of course to install the injector harness which is also another optional harness add-on for the Greddy Emanage. Doing this will allow you to adjust fuel injectors directly, outside of ECU control.

In this the Greddy Emanage is a step above the Super AFC for tuning ability, but just below something like the Apexi Power FC. Today we’ll be showing you how to install a Greddy Emanage in a Evolution 8, and showing you how to wire in the main harness along with the ignition harness.

The Greddy Emanage does not give you the fuel tuning granularity of the Power FC or even the AFC, with five preset points. However for those venting to atmosphere and running an aggressive turbo camshaft profile, the Emanage also provides a Anti Stall feature.

greddy E-manage


This Anti Stall feature is basically a beefed up version of the DEC AIR settings you can adjust using your Super AFC to fight off that rich condition between gear shifts or at idle. This feature clamps the MAF or MAP signal at a preset RPM, giving you the flexibility to build your turbocharger system freely.

Before you learn how to install a Greddy Emanage in your Evolution 8, you will need to know the basics of your ECU operation and where to find your ECU.

Locating your Evolution 8 ECU


To find your Powertrain Control Module in your Mitsubishi Evolution 8, go to your passenger seat and slide it back as far as it will go.


Now open your glovebox and take a look at the inner panels to see the plastic tabs that hold the glovebox in place. To remove these plastic tabs, slide them outward and then pull inward to swing them in and out.

With those plastic tabs removed, you can now swing down the glovebox and remove it to reveal your ECU case.


There’s 3 10mm bolts that hold the ECU and ECU bracket in place, remove these 10mm bolts and you can slide the ECU towards you. Rotate the ECU so that the plugs are facing towards you and you can pair up what you see on your ECU with the diagram below.


Now you can take your Greddy manual and open it up to reference your Evolution to see the settings you’ll need to start. If you don’t have a manual, the settings for our Evo 8 are :

  1. Switch 1 – Setting 3
  2. Switch 2 – Setting 8
  3. Switch 3 – Setting 3

Switch 4 and 5 are for variable intake timing, something sadly not on our 4G63. Now take a look at your primary Greddy Emanage wiring harness, and you’ll see some familiar colors and identifiers especially if you have read our other writeups on How To Install your AFC.

The first wire you’ll be connecting is the power wire which is the RED wire on your Emanage harness. Take this wire and connect it to the A25 pin on your Mitsubishi EVO ECU. The next wire is the low reference wire which is the black ground wire, this goes to the A26 pin on your ECU.



Next up is your BROWN Engine Speed wire, which you will be teeing into C58 for the tachometer output from your Mitsubishi igniter. And finally the last of the tees for the basic GReddy Emanage harness is the Gray wire, which represents the throttle position sensor.

This wire is not illustrated in our diagram above because we accidently omitted it but this wire is PIN D84. You will be splicing the gray wire into the throttle position sensor wire so that the Greddy knows how far your throttle plate is open or closed.

Now that you know the first steps in how to install a Greddy Emanage in a Evolution, now you must make your first cut on your stock Evo ecu. The wire we’ll be cutting is of course the MAF input wire, which is labeled in the diagram above.

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PIN D90 is the MAF wire, carefully cut this wire in half leaving enough slack on both ends of the wire for you to work on. The Greddy Emanage unit calls for a light blue wire being the AIRFLOW INPUT and the purple wire being the AIR FLOW OUTPUT. Make sure you do not mix these two up.

Cut and connect the light blue wire to the Mitsubishi ECU, and then the purple wire to the engine harness side of the wiring. Once you have done this you have completed the basic install for your Greddy Emanage in a Mitsubishi Evolution 8.

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If you do not have a copy of the Greddy Emanage software just yet, tuning will prove difficult using the 5 rotary dials. For more information on that, check out our How to Tune Closed Loop, and How To Tune your SAFC for more tips and guides on how to tune in Part 2

Part 2
Part 2


That does it for our How To Install a Greddy Emanage, have any questions or comments? Leave them for us below!