FAQ – Toyota MR2 Turbo ECU Pinout

FAQ – Toyota MR2 Turbo ECU Pinout


The Toyota MR2 as it’s known in the United States was actually part of a redesign in 1990 that led to the chassis we know as the W20. Powered by the turbocharged 3S-GTE that was a bit ahead of it’s time, the rear wheel drive sportscar had a brief glorious run in the US from 1991-1995.

In fact the SW20 MR2 is one of the pioneers of the small displacement turbocharged rear wheel drive import coupes, and sported traits that many of todays manufacturer’s strive to achieve today.


Four trims were available in the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) however, there’s just the non turbo and turbo versions that made their way stateside. Putting down 200hp in stock form, many engine swappers import the 3S-GTE in for a variety of rear wheel drive donor chassis.

Today we’re looking at the Toyota MR2 Turbo ECU Pinout for the installation of any aftermarket device or piggyback computer. Don’t forget to check our How To’s on installing an AFC in to a MR2 and a HKS FCD into a Toyota MR2.

The Toyota part numbers for this MR2 ECU are

  • 89661-17320
  • 89661-17321
  • 89661-17322
  • 89661-17330
  • 89661-17331
  • 89661-17332
  • 89661-20750
  • 89661-20751
  • 89661-20760
  • 89661-20761

Toyota MR2 Turbo ECU Pinout – USDM SW20


Connector A

Pin # Name Label
A20 Ignition Control Module IGT – TACH +
A15 Power Ground G1

Connector B

Pin # Name Label
B6 Oxygen Sensor OX
B4 Knock Sensor KNK
B12 Idle Switch IDL
B9 Engine Sensor Ground E2
B11 Throttle Position Sensor VTA

Connector C

Pin # Name Label
C2 Throttle switch VS
C1 +5 volt sensor VC

Connector D

Pin # Name Label
D4 Brake Switch BRS
D9 Vehicle Speed Sensor VSS


That does it for our Toyota MR2 Turbo ECU pinout, please leave any questions or comments for us below.

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