The Subaru VIZIV GT Vision is Here!

The Subaru VIZIV GT Vision is Here!


Subie fans are rejoicing because after months and months of waiting, the Subaru VIZIV GT Vision has been released for the “Gran Turismo 6” video game specifically available on PlayStation 3. Like many of the past Vision GT cars, the Subaru VIZIV GT is a sportscar concept that looks as radical as promised.


Coined from the motto Vision for Innovation, the concept Subaru’s correct name is the “SUBARU VIZIV GT Vision Gran Turismo”. But a fancy name isn’t what sets this Vision GT car apart from the pack, like all things, the devil is in the details.


Custom framework and chassis improvements are sure to win over the GT6 gamers, and at the heart of this beast is of course Subaru’s legendary 2.0 liter boxer EJ20 engine with a few tweaks of course. Combined with high powered electrical motors in front and two units in the rear of the car, the Subaru VIZIV GT continues the recent trend of traditional EFI with hybrid electric motors.

The pairing has been reported to put down 591 BHP and 800 Nm (82 kgm) of torque throughout the powerband. Torque vectoring sensors located in the fenders show just what’s going on with the car, as the ECU can independantly control the electrical motors to provide maximum grip and improve lap times. As with most Subaru’s this car is just begging to be flogged around the track of your choosing, and we’re more than happy to oblige it.


Although the newest Gran Turismo game on the next-gen is slowly making it’s mark, a look back at the advancements made in GT6 look promising for the future of video game racers. Concepts like the GPS ghosting hints at the future, and how quickly the lines between video gaming and real world racing continue to be blurred.


How to Unlock the Subaru VIZIV GT Vision

You can unlock the Subaru VIZIV in the upcoming update which is Update 1.14 to the Playstation 3 video game Gran Turismo 3. Once you have updated your game content, you can purcahse the VIZIV from the CARS section in “My Home”

You can also win the car by participating in the newly minted Seasonal Event, which is a big part of the 1.14 update. This race is only available for a limited time.

About Vision Gran Turismo

This program is every video game racer’s dream and is really changing how people perceive videogames in the aftermarket segment. Defining this generation’s fusion of entertainment and technology that is changing how people look and shop for sports cars.


Programs like the GT Academy and Sony’s involvement have led to some incredible cars being built, like the Nissan ZEOD. The incredible hybrid sports car shares many similarities with the Subaru VIZIV, from it’s integrated electric motors and concept design.


Unveiled for the 15th year anniversary for Gran Turismo, the Vision GT program continues to march on with the Subaru VIZIV. Make sure to check out future concept cars to be released through the Vision GT program in the near future.

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