Press Release – Blox Fuel Pumps Tested

Press Release – Blox Fuel Pumps Tested


The era of sport compact modification has certainly changed, and in fact one might even suggest evolve. With so many manufacturers and products out there, modifying your car isn’t as easy as it once may have been. Figuring out whose products are better, last longer and what companies deserve our money is even harder.

So it’s a good thing that our friends at BLOX Racing along with Kinsler Fuel Injection decided to put the new lineup of BLOX fuel pumps to the test in a head to head shootout with comparable fuel pumps. Putting their 255LPH and 320LPH fuel pumps against the Walbro and Grams Injection brands, Kinsler Fuel Injection decided to share their Blox Fuel Pumps Tested findings.


Using the same applied 13.2 volts, you can see the performance of the BLOX brand when stacked against some of it’s competitors. The test above is for the BLOX 255 fuel pump, which carries a part number of BXFU-01340 with a center outlet.


With the 255 high pressure fuel pump tested, Kinsler turned their attention to the larger 320 lph BLOX pump and compared it against the Grams and Aeromotive 340, part number AEI-11905. The 320lph fuel pump is one that we’re particularly interested in, considering the similar flow rates in the 2JZGTE Supra TT.



This 320lph BLOX fuel pump is part number BXFU-02340 for the center inlet, and the entire BLOX fuel pump listing can be found here.

From the flow data above on this Blox Fuel Pumps Tested product review, you can see the BLOX pump not only outperforms the competition but also does it at a lower current draw. Because the BLOX unit is using less of a current (amps), this keeps your vehicle running cooler and more reliably.


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