How To Remove Your G35 Stereo

How To Remove Your G35 Stereo


The Infiniti G35 is an a solid luxury sedan with a bevy of complementary creature comforts. While not exactly a popular choice for modification enthusiasts compared to the G35’s competition but powered by the VQ35 it’s a great choice. The luxury sedan has many different interior options and stereos but today we’ll be looking at a 2005 Infiniti G35 in dash 6 CD changer.

The changer part of this stereo is known for commonly malfunctioning because of the flimsy disc arms and often confusing operation leads people to insert multiple discs at once. When this happens however, changing or upgrading to a simple dual din stereo is an easy answer.

Unfortunately not many people know how to remove your G35 stereo, so we’ll be walking you through our step by step process.

If you are not comfortable working on your vehicle or taking apart your dash, stop now and take your vehicle to an experienced mechanic. Obviously because you are working on a stock stereo, find your stereo code now and save yourself some headaches later.

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To begin either unscrew your manual shift knob or unbolt it from the shifter, our Infiniti is equipped with the factory automatic transmission. To undo the automatic shifter, pull down on the silver ring to expose the gold circlip.

Carefully remove the gold circlip and set this to the side, the automatic shifter can now slide up and off you automatic shifter.

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Next take your panel popper or a plastic spatula and carefully pull the silver dash trim out of place. This entire silver dash bezel is held in with plastic pins, carefully pull up and away to remove the entire bezel.

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Make sure to go slowly as to not damage this piece, and if you pull this off with some of the plastic pins missing, locate them in the dash first and put them back on the silver bezel.

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Now carefully pull up on the shifter plate towards the back of the silver base, make sure to go slowly as to not damage any clips underneath. Work your panel popper or spatula towards the back and over to the opposite side, it should now be propped up and ready to pull up.

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Pull up carefully and make sure to remove the ashtray section first if you need more clearance. Pull the silver ring and shift boot over the automatic shifter.

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Next you will need to unplug the shifter base from the shift solenoid, shift switch and the power for your shift indicator lights.

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Next unscrew the front base screws and pull up on the edging to ‘break loose’ the side panels.

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Now turn your attention to your clock cowl and carefully pry up on one edge as shown here. You are trying to push away the dash and pull up on the cowl carefully.

how-to-remove-g35-stereo (11)

Now remove the clock cowl to expose the plastic pins that secure the bottom base of the clock assembly to your G35 dash.

how-to-remove-g35-stereo (12)

Next grab the plastic edges of the lower base panel and pull up on one side to pull the entire thing out of your dash. The next step in our how to remove your G35 stereo walkthrough is to remove the clock assembly as a whole.

how-to-remove-g35-stereo (13)

Unscrew the lower screw that holds the clock assembly to the dash, and the clock can now slide up and out. Unbolt the two 10mm bolts that secure the upper stereo tray in place.

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Now pull the unbolted front side panels out and up to remove them and expose the bolts that hold your stereo in.

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After you pull off both of these front side panels, you can now unbolt the single 12mm bolt that holds the top of the stereo in place. Your stereo should now be able to float freely and it should make it easier for you to unplug your harnesses and antenna connector.


With the center base removed and your side panels pulled off, you can now pull out just the G35 stereo and replace it or service it. This process is very similar for 2003-2004 Infiniti G35’s but the center dash units must be pulled out as a whole, making the process much more difficult.

The 2003-2004 G35 stereo
The 2003-2004 G35 stereo

That does it for our How To Remove Your G35 Stereo guide, if you have any questions or comments please leave them below!