FAQ : Lexus IS300 ECU Pinout

FAQ : Lexus IS300 ECU Pinout


The IS300 was brought into the mainstream in 1998 and the phenomenon known has “Altezza lights” were born. Sprung from the Japanese nameplate of Altezza, the IS300 brought the non turbo 2JZ into the luxury line of Lexus. Many people opt for the standard 2JZGTE engine swap, while others retain the W55 transmission and simply turbocharge the 2JZGE.

While the Altezza light craze has died down thankfully, these cars and motors are still in abundance. Perfect for the luxury sports coupe enthusiast, the IS300 ECU Pinout is what you need for piggyback computer like an Super AFC install or gauges.



If you are looking to install some aftermarket gauges or you need a sensor output from your ECU, this Lexus IS300 ECU Pinout will get you through it. Our Lexus IS300 ECU Pinout will let you get the install done quickly and without error, please leave us a message below if you have any specific requests for information.

Connector/Pin # Signal Full name/Destination Wire Color
A1 EOM Chassis Ground White/Black
A2 EC Chassis Ground White/Black
A3 Not Used
A4 BATT EFI Relay Battery Power Black/Yellow
A5 B2 EFI Relay Power Black/Red
A6 B EFI Relay Power Black/Red
A7 BM ETCS Power Blue/White
A8 ST1- Stop  Switch Black/Blue
A9 Not Used
A10 Not Used
A11 KSW To Unlock Warning Black/Yellow
A12 STA From Park Position Switch Black
A13 MREL Main relay turn on Black/Orange
A14 FC Circuit Opening Relay (Roll) Green/Yellow
A15 FPR Fuel Pump relay Green/Red
A16 ACMG From A/C Compressor Relay Blue/White
A17 IGSW Switched Ignition Black/Orange
A18 TAM A/C Ambient Temp Sensor Light Green/Red
A19 Not Used
A20 F/PS From Center Airbag Sensor Assy Blue
A21 Not Used
A22 Not Used
A23 Not Used
A24 Not Used
A25 PRE A/C Dual Pressure Switch Blue/Yellow
A26 SIL OBD Data Feed White
A27 Not Used
A28 Not Used
A29 Not Used
A30 IMLD Security Indicator Lamp Blue/Black
A31 CODE To Immobilizer Green/Black
B1 Not Used
B2 W Mil Lamp Indicator Red/Blue
B3 TC To DLC3 Connector Red/White
B4 STP From Stop  Switch Green/White
B5 SFTD E-Shift Down Grey/Red
B6 SFTU E-Shift up Grey/Green
B7 HT1B Bank1, Sensor2, Heater Green/Black
B8 HT2B Bank2 Sensor2, Heater Red/White
B9 NEO To Vehicle Skid Control Green
B10 TBP Pressure Switching Valve VSV Pink
B11 SPD To Combination Meter White/Blue
B12 2 A/T Indicator Yellow/Green
B13 CLSW Cruise Control Clutch Switch Yellow/Red
B14 4 To Shift Lock ECU Light Green/Black
B15 L Trans Control switch Green/Yellow
B16 TACH Tach to Meter Black
B17 OX2B Bank2 Sensor2, O2 Signal White
B18 TRC+ From Vehicle Skid Control Red/Yellow
B19 ENG+ To Vehicle Skid Control Blue/Black
B20 MPX2 Multiplex Communications Orange
B21 MPX1 Multiplex Communications Blue
B22 WFSE OBD Data Feed Light Green
B23 TXCT To Immobilizer Pink/Black
B24 RXCK To Immobilizer Violet
B25 PTNK Vapor Pressure Sensor Blue/White
B26 Not Used
B27 Not Used
B28 OX1B Bank1, Sensor2, O2 Signal White
B29 TRC- From Vehicle Skid Control White/Green
B30 ENG- To Vehicle Skid Control Pink
B31 CCS Cruise Control Switch Blue/Red
B32 VPA2 Sub TPS, Idle input Blue/White
B33 VPA Sub-TPS Input Pink/Blue
B34 E2 Sensor Ground Brown
B35 VC 5V Reference Blue/Yellow
C1 E02 Chassis Ground White/Black
C2 E01 Chassis Ground White/Black
C3 ME01 Chassis Ground Brown
C4 Not Used
C5 Not Used
C6 Not Used
C7 IGF Ignitor Fault Detection Black/Blue
C8 Not Used
C9 Not Used
C10 Not Used
C11 Not Used
C12 Not Used
C13 IGT Ignitor 1 Grey/Black
C14 Not Used
C15 #60 Injector No. 6 Black/White
C16 #40 Injector No. 4 Red/White
C17 #20 Injector No. 2 Blue
C18 Not Used
C19 Not Used
C20 Not Used
C21 ACIS ACIS VSV Yellow/Green
C22 CCV Canister Closed Valve Yellow/Red
C23 PSP Power Steering Oil Press. Sensor Violet
C24 THW Engine Coolant temp Red
C25 Not Used
C26 EVG MAF Ground Blue/White
C27 VG MAF Input Green/Black
C28 OX2A Bank2,Sensor1, O2 Signal Black
C29 Not Used
C30 HT2A Bank2,Sensor1, Heater Pink
C31 Not Used
C32 THA MAF Temp Input Blue/Black
D1 KNK1 Knock Sensor #1 Black
D2 KNK2 Knock Sensor #2 White
D3 N A/T Indicator Green/Red
D4 3 A/T Indicator Green/White
D5 R A/T Indicator Red/Black
D6 P A/T Indicator Green
D7 E1 Chassis Ground Brown
D8 Not Used
D9 HT1A Bank1, Sensor 1, Heater Light Green
D10 SLU- A/T Controls Light Green/Black
D11 SLU+ A/T Controls Green/White
D12 SLN- A/T Controls Red/White
D13 SLN+ A/T Controls Yellow/Red
D14 MOL Engine Oil Level Sensor White/Red
D15 RL Alternator Status Blue/Red
D16 S4 A/T controls Black/Red
D17 S3 A/T Controls White/Blue
D18 S2 A/T Controls Green/Yellow
D19 S1 A/T Controls Yellow
D20 NCO- O/D Clutch Ground Green
D21 NCO+ O/D Clutch Speed Sensor Red
D22 SP2- VSS For A/T Ground Red/Blue
D23 SP2+ VSS For A/T Blue/Yellow
D24 Not Used
D25 Not Used
D26 Not Used
D27 OIL A/T Controls Grey
D28 OX1A Bank1, Sensor 1, O2 Signal White
D29 Not Used
D30 Not Used
D31 Not Used
D32 Not Used
D33 Not Used
D34 SLT- A/T Controls Red/Black
D35 SLT+ A/T Controls Black/Yellow
E1 GEO1 Shield for Throttle Control Motor Black
E2 M- Throttle Control Motor Red
E3 M+ Throttle Control Motor White
E4 E03 Chassis Ground Brown
E5 OCV- VVTI Control Signal Return Yellow/Black
E6 OCV+ VVTI Control Signal Red/Yellow
E7 MOPS Engine Oil Pressure Switch Grey
E8 FAN No1. and No2. Fans Blue/Black
E9 CL- Throttle Control Motor Yellow
E10 CL+ Throttle Control Motor Red/White
E11 PRG Cannister Purge White/Green
E12 Not Used
E13 #50 Injector No. 5 Blue/Red
E14 #30 Injector No. 3 Violet
E15 #10 Injector No. 1 Red
E16 Not Used
E17 Not Used
E18 Not Used
E19 Not Used
E20 Not Used
E21 Not Used
E22 Not Used
E23 Not Used
E24 VTA2 TPS, Idle input Green/Yellow
E25 VTA TPS Input White/Red
E26 IGT3 Ignitor 3 Black/Yellow
E27 IGT2 Ignitor 2 Black/Red
E28 Not Used
E29 G2 Camshaft Position Sensor Green
E30 Not Used
E31 NE Crankshaft Position Sensor Black/White
E32 NE- Ground for Cam/Crank sensors Blue
E33 Not Used
E34 LCK1 A/C Clutch Lock Sensor White/Blue

This does it for our Lexus IS300 ECU Pinout so far, we are always looking to build on what we’ve got, so if you have a request or need a pin in particular let us know.