FAQ : Subaru WRX ECU Pinout

FAQ : Subaru WRX ECU Pinout


Subaru’s WRX burst onto the scene in the late 90s, finally rewarding the legions of fans in the US with turbocharged boxer glory. Now in it’s fourth iteration, the WRX is offered in sedan or hatchback variants and with the rumored demise of the Mitsubishi Evolution, the clear winner in the import turbo AWD battle.

Today we’ll be looking at the 2001 Subaru WRX ECU Pinout, and showing you what pins you may or may not need for your engine swap or piggyback device.


Connector D

Pin # Name Signal Type
D2 Power 11 volt – 14 volts with key on
D8 Power Ground Ground
D19 O2 Sensor Signal (Front) Analog

Connector C

Pin # Name Signal Type
C15 Fuel Pump Violet/White – Relay Power
C8 Power Ground (Injector) Ground
C9 Tach Signal RPM
C18 Power Ground (Coils) Ground

Connector E

Pin # Name Signal Type
E1 Power Ground Ground
E7 Mass Air Flow Sensor Ground Ground
E13 Mass Air Flow Sensor Analog

Connector B

Pin # Name Signal Type
B7 Throttle Position Sensor Analog
B8 Manifold Atmospheric Pressure Sensor Analog
B17 O2 Sensor Signal (Rear) Analog
B18 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Analog
B19 Sensor Ground Ground
B27 Intake Air Temperature Sensor Analog

Connector A

Pin # Name Signal Type
A1 Vehicle Speed Sensor Speed

Hope you enjoyed our Subaru WRX ECU Pinout article, if you need any specific pins or information please leave us a comment below and let us know.