FAQ : Mitsubishi Evolution VIII ECU Pinout

FAQ : Mitsubishi Evolution VIII ECU Pinout


The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution has enjoyed a decent run in the US after making it’s debut on American shores in 2003. And ever since the Evo has certainly been one of the hottest sport compact import vehicles that money could buy.


The 4G63 underwent several small changes from the previous generation to this iteration, namely the flipping of the motor and transmission. This switch enabled Mitsubishi’s engineers to beef up the AWD transmission, something that had been one of the weaker links in previous Evolutions.

Whether you are installing a boost gauge, boost controller or intercooler kit on your Evolution, chances are if your devices need power, you’ll need this wiring diagram of the ECU. If you have any questions about our Mitsubishi Evolution VIII ECU Pinout, please leave a comment below.

2003 Mitsubishi Evolution VIII ECU Pinout



Pin # Name Signal Type
79 Data Link Connector Digital
72 Intake Air Temperature Sensor Analog
75 Secondary O2 Sensor Analog
76 Primary O2 Sensor Analog
83 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Analog
84 Throttle Position Sensor Analog
86 Vehicle Speed Sensor Speed
90 Mass Air Flow Analog


13 Chassis Ground Ground
26 ECU Ground Ground
25 Switched ECU Power Power
22 Fuel Pump Relay Analog
62 Data Link Connector – TX Digital
78 Knock Sensor Analog
81 5 volt switched power Power
80 12v constant power Power

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  1. Hey I pput a JDM Evo 8 Mr engine in my usdm Evo 8 and it came withe the Mr ecu but its with the usdm harness , I need to put the wires into the Mr ecu coneccters, any help?