Piggyback Heaven – How To Install a SAFC in your DSM

Piggyback Heaven – How To Install a SAFC in your DSM


Today we’ll be covering the installation of the newest generation of AFC, the SAFC II before the release of the Super AFC NEO. This piggyback controller grants the user the ability to manipulate the incoming air flow voltage to adjust fuel trims according to rpm and throttle position. The Apexi Super AFC is a great bang for the buck tool, with many 400whp powered DSMs built with just this simple piggyback computer.

We will be covering the installation of this unit and showing you how to set up and Install a SAFC, as well as how to tune your DSM using this remarkable piggyback. We will also briefly cover the “blue wire mod” a often forgotten yet very handy tuning option for those saavy enough to utilize it.

  • Walkthrough 1 : Install and Operation
  • Walkthrough 2 : Operating and Learning about Super AFC II
  • Walkthrough 3 : Tuning Your SAFC II

While this version of the Super AFC is not the NEO, this was the first version to incorporate a rotary dial that helped speed the process of flipping through menus and adjusting fuel trims much simpler than spam mashing the down button. We got our hands on a JDM version 2 months before the US version had finally arrived.


This unit required translation to install correctly, at the time we didn’t have English instructions and this was a very new product.

If you have installed a Super AFC, an AFCII isnt much harder. Upon initial looks, the unit looked to be much of the same AFC with different styling. We found it had much more to offer after operating the unit for 10 minutes. With more granular steps and more finite tuning steps and much more features this is a must buy for any racing enthusiast. We begin with the first of our 3 step writeup on this product, from Install to Tuning we will cover it all.

The Tools you will need to Install a SAFC into your 2nd generation GSX

  • 10mm ratchet
  • 1 Phillips screwdriver
  • 1 Standard screwdriver
  • Wire Strippers
  • Solder Gun
  • Electrical Tape
    ** Or taps if you do not wish to solder

The Super AFCII wires we are working with in question are

o o o o o o o o
Red Wire
Black Wire
2nd Ground
Brown Wire
1st Ground
Green Wire
Gray Wire
Purple Wire
Pink Wire
Air Fuel to ECU
Orange Wire
Air Fuel to Sensor

Here is a second generation Eclipse pinout with corresponding AFC wiring. If you own a first generation 4G63 powered Eclipse / Talon / Laser, click here for a complete ECU / PCM pinout.


Begin with sliding the driver seat all the way back until its furthest point. Look down at the driver side foot well and remove the plastic cover to the screws holding the side panel on. Remove the screws using the screwdrivers or 10mm ratchet.


There is a plastic pop rivet by the driver seat, slide your hand into the opening and tug to pop it out. Remove the entire panel


Inspect and arrange your AFCII wires, take this time now to read over the AFC pinout and familiarize yourself with the type of install you will be performing.


Remove your ECU plugs by depressing the tab on each individual tab.


Locate the ground tap pin 26 and strip the housing back to expose the bare wire relatively close to the ecu harness side. You will solder / tap the brown AFCII ground wire here.


Do the same to this ground wire, only put the black AFCII 2nd ground wire FURTHER away from the ecu harness side than the brown wire. Be careful not to mix this up.Then strip and tap pin 25 for the red AFCII power wire.


Tap pinout 58 for RPM signal with the green AFCII RPM wire. Then tap the brown wire with red stripes pinout 84 with the Super AFCII gray throttle wire for the throttle signal.


Cut the wire at terminal 90 in half but leave enough on both ends to play with. Attach the ecu side of the end of the cut to the pink Super AFCII wire. Connect the harness end to the orange Super AFCII wire.


Tap the purple knock wire to the ECU

Picture Coming Soon!!

Tape everything up with electrical tape nice and neatly. Zip tie the AFC harness securely so as it doesnt interfere with anything. You are now done with the Install a SAFC procedure.

You will find that the new AFC has many new features, many new options and tools. First most the new AFC uses a thumbstick in the middle of an operational dial to navigate through its many menus.

Depressing this thumbstick at any time will bring up a 4 way option screen CANCEL > Previous > Next > Menu. In most instances a tap left or right on the thumbstick will take you to the previous or next screen easily. Our next segment will go over how to tune your car for knock, how to change to finer resolution in low / high settings, how to set passwords, how to set your warnings, how to use your datafiles and much much more. We will leave you with a few screenshots until then :

The final product


More Pictures


Stay tuned for our next installment which will cover the operation of your Super AFC II.

Happy Boosting!


  1. great writeup prostreet

    I want to vent my bov and not recirculate. someone told me that you can use the AFC to compensate for when i let off under boost. is this true and can you guys explain it?

    • Hi Jay, thanks for reading and chiming in.

      Yes.. the AFC has a function called DEC. AIR and you can use this if your vehicle is MAF equipped and you are venting your BOV to atmosphere.

      The DEC.AIR allows you to feed your ECU a false air signal after you let off, which will minimize the impact the BOV vent will have on your engine’s operation.

      We’ll be covering that shortly for you. Stay tuned.