SEMA 2013 : Auto Meter Wins at SEMA

SEMA 2013 : Auto Meter Wins at SEMA


Coming back from the SEMA show has always been a jarring transition for us especially when you factor the travel and time but we’re always on the look out for the newest and hottest items in the aftermarket scene to report to you!

We blogged about the winners from the 2013 SEMA Show but haven’t got into the products and the winning companies behind these remarkable innovative parts. One such company is very well known to us in Auto Meter, for their Auto Meter Boost Controller,which took home the “Best New Performance-Street Product of the Year 2014” award. Their LS Plug-n-Play Tach Adapter Kit, also took the Runner up Position in the evaluation event.

The Auto Meter Boost Controller is scheduled for a March 2014 release and we are definitely excited to get our hands on it. Switchable between HG/PSI, cmHG/BAR or kPa, the all-new controller features configurable high/low boost modes, boost by RPM/boost by gear, configurable warnings with overboost protection and pro control output.

The 2- 1/16” gauge features a bright LED alphanumeric display with three-color analog sweep indicators, and the gauge has peak recall and data logger output.

2013 SEMA Las VegasFor those who are visiting our site for how to’s on motor swaps, especially the LS1 into a 240 engine swap we finally have the answer to ditching those Dakota Digital translators and boxes in the LS Tach Adapter harness from Auto Meter.

Get ready to simplify installations of Auto Meter tachometers to GM factory engine harnesses with this nifty plug and play harness which plugs into two locking connectors on the existing LS ignition harnesses.

And finally Auto Meter released a new 3 Gauge Dash Pod for the Scion FRS and Subaru BRZs. The top-dash gauge pod holds up to three auxiliary gauges within a clear line of sight and integrated look. Look for a MSRP around $120.

Browse our complete Auto Meter lineup here, or check out Auto Meter directly.


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