Explaining AEM’s AQ-1 Datalogger

Explaining AEM’s AQ-1 Datalogger


AEM’s AQ-1 Data Logger is an easy-to-use vehicle data acquisition device designed for racers and performance enthusiasts of all types who want real time, accurate data on the fly without breaking your bank account.

Ever have a datalogger that couldn’t provide data fast enough? Wonder why you are getting ignition readings after you already hear pre-detonation? Well fear no more with the AEM AQ-1 that will give you exactly what you need, and nothing you dont!


AEM’s AQ-1 Data Logger is easy to use, feature packed, all at an acceptable price break. With logging rates of up to 1000 samples/second per channel, it is one of the fastest data loggers on the market.

AEM’s VP Kirk Miller explains the features and benefits of the powerful and affordable AQ-1 Date Logger.
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